Food stalls

Nanny Bill's

Nanny Bill’s opened their hatch to a 1970’s Citroen HY truck for the first time in Spring 2015, feeding the food savvy patrons at East London food market Night Tales. Their signature croquettes caused quite a stir, the Mac’n’Cheese and Pea, Mint & Feta proved to be the most popular. The burgers and buns bring inspired flavours to our menu, with hand-pressed Cheeseburgers topped with bacon jam and Buttermilk fried chicken as firm favourites.

The Belli Freschi

The Belli Freschi brand was developed from Red Gallery and Last Days of Shoreditch’s long standing relationship with local family run Italian restaurant Bottega Prelibato on Rivington Street (next to Last Days of Shoreditch).

Last Days Of Shoreditch prefers to only work with locals so we approached our friends at this hidden Italian gem to deliver a new summer concept for one of our food stalls.
That’s how the avocado bar idea started.

Throughout the summer the avocado bar will see a regular menu updates, but let’s start with our favourite picks:-

Avocado Burger in a Crostini Bun – there will also be a fish option, Avocado Hot Dog with caramelised carrot and of course Avocado Chips and Avocado Tempura with variation of Italian herbs dips.

The concept is quite simple as avocado is light, healthy and tasty with an Italian cuisine swing this will be a 2017 summer food no brainer. Besides the low carb diet the project ethos includes an ethical organic producer that will supply avocados to the Belli Freschi kitchen at Last Days Of Shoreditch during the summer.

Bull in a Monkey Shop

Bull in a monkey shop a collaboration between Shoreditch stalwart the Drunken Monkey eatery and whisky bar Bull In A China Shop. They will be showcasing their new street food venture serving charcoal brioche burgers a selection of baos and whisky glazed BBQ beef ribs. Delicately cooked in the finest charcoal ovens supplied by Acentia food service equipment and paired with bull in a china shops award winning whisky cocktails, notably their charcoal chamomile old fashioned.